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USANA Hepa Plus®

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USANA Hepa Plus®


USANA Hepa Plus®

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(84 Capsules)
Comprehensive liver support formula. Hepa Plus uses the benefits of milk-thistle extract to help stimulate enzymes in the liver.
(USANA Canada SKU: 135)

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  • Additional Description

    Health Basics:
    Milk-thistle extract helps support the liver by stimulating liver enzymes. Also contains other beneficial extracts from green tea, olives, and turmeric.

    USANA Difference:
    Effective. Safe. Science-based. Pharmaceutical Quality.

    Hepa Plus®:
    If you are truly interested in supporting your liver long term, you may want to consider the help of exceptional nutrition: Hepa Plus uses the benefits of milk-thistle extract to help stimulate enzymes in the liver. And, Hepa Plus contains advanced doses of other helpful ingredients like green-tea extract, Olivol™, turmeric and alpha-lipoic acid to further support the liver. Try the convenience and exceptional nutrition of Hepa Plus.

    Nutritional Hybrid Technology:
    Hepa Plus employs USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology. This state-of-the-art approach to formula design and manufacture features bilayer tableting: the separation of various formula ingredients into two distinct tablet layers. Now, for the first time, previously distinct products can be joined into a single formula. Incompatible ingredients can be combined in a single tablet. And key nutritional ingredients can be visually highlighted in distinct tablet layers.

    USANA’s Nutritional Hybrid Technology opens the door to accelerated innovation in supplement design and manufacture. Proudly, USANA is among the first in the supplement world to use Nutritional Hybrid Technology.

    Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.

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